Education - 2014 Field Programs

Our field programs are interdisciplinary in nature and offer a balance of learning through field work, academic readings, presentations by staff and speakers, problem solving activities and personal reflection.

Wildlife in the West
May 22 - June 25
Landscape & Livelihood
September 2 - November 4
Introductory Animal Tracks & Sign Clinic
February 15-16
Advanced Animal Tracks & Sign Clinic
July 12 - 13

Natural History Trips
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About NwC by Faith Bernstein, Landscape & Livelihood 2012 student



Photo by Locke Hassett

Short Field Courses

Northwest Connections hosts a variety of customized, short field courses. Historically, we have partnered with University of Montana faculty in the following programs: 

School of Forestry and Conservation, Resource Conservation faculty
School of Forestry and Conservation, Climate Change program
Wilderness Institute's Wilderness and Civilization program
School of Extended and Lifelong Learning, Experience Montana program
Department of Geography, Mountain Studies program



We are happy to work with you to custom design a field experience for your students highlighting our region's

  • natural history
  • community-based conservation efforts
  • practical experience in large landscape conservation

Photo by Locke Hassett

We can also offer extended programs benefitting your students or colleagues showcasing our experience in

  • carnivore field studies
  • tracking and telemetry
  • stream and wetland ecology and restoration