Our field programs are interdisciplinary in nature and offer a balance of learning through field work, academic readings, presentations by staff and speakers, problem solving activities and personal reflection.

2015 Field Courses

Animal Tracks & Sign - Winter
February 21-22

Weekend Workshop. Learn how to recognize animals by track, gait pattern, habitat selection, behavior and other sign. Explore Swan Valley in winter. Develop your awareness of natural history.

Wildlife in the West
May 20 - June 29

A field program focusing on the ecology and management of endangered species in rural, working landscapes.

Animal Tracks & Sign - Summer
July 11-12

Learn to interpret animal behavior through tracks and sign in the absence of snow. Explore Swan Valley in summer. Refine your interpretation of natural history. Track elusive wildlife from wolves to grizzly bears to shrews.

Landscape & Livelihood
August 31 - November 3

A Field Semester in ecology and community-based conservation solutions.

Customized Trips and Programs

Custom trips for family groups, business groups and individuals on wildlife watching and natural history adventures. Some examples of trips we have led include mountain lion ecology, wildflower photography, advanced outdoor skills and animal tracking.



IMAGE CREDIT: Top - Faith Bernstein