Northwest Connections began monitoring grizzlies almost 20 years ago, using remote cameras and documenting tracks and sign.  We were key partners in the Northern Continental Divide Grizzly Bear project, collecting genetic samples across 10 Million acres to estimate the population.

Game camera footage of a grizzly bear family from Swan Valley, Montana

Working as the only non governmental partner on a study of grizzly bears across the 10 million acre Crown of the Continent ecosystem, we helped establish the first robust population estimate.  As of 2004, the grizzly bear population is thought to be 765 in the US portion of the Crown, with an estimated 3% growth rate.

The results from the 2004 Northern Divide Grizzly Bear DNA Project:

Demography and Genetic Structure of a Recovering Grizzly Bear Population, The Journal of Wildlife Management, Kate Kendall et.all, 2009, v73n1. (PDF)


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IMAGE CREDITS: Top - Derek Reich/Zooprax Productions;
Bear rub and bear hair collection - Colleen Ferris