Northwest Connections hosts a diversity of internships that range from 3-6 months. We give preference to our alumni for these positions. Interns typically learn new skills in education, field work, communications and non-profit leadership while assisting with Northwest Connections programs. 2015 internship opportunities will be posted soon.


Internships we have offered include:

  • Resident Education Assistant for Landscape and Livelihood 2002-2014
  • Resident Education Assistant for Wildlife in the West 2011-2014
  • Wildlife in the West Filmmaker and Photographer 2014
  • Beck Creek Gardens Manager 2012-2014
  • Rare Carnivore Monitoring Field Technician 2013-2014
  • Grizzly Bear DNA and Native Fish Monitoring Field Technician 2010-2011
  • GIS Specialist 2009


IMAGE CREDITS: Top - Steven Gnam