Our Mission

Northwest Connections pioneers on-the-ground collaborative conservation and offers unique experiential learning opportunities. We are cultivating a new brand of conservation that strengthens the relationship between people and landscapes, and develops the next generation of conservation leaders.

2014-2016 Strategic Framework

Our Values:

  • Northwest Connections values place-based, experiential education.
  • We believe that good conservation requires thoughtful stewardship of the landscapes where people live, work and play, in addition to the preservation of parks and wilderness areas.
  • Durable conservation results from functional collaboration between residents, professional land managers, and a wide range of users.
  • Northwest Connections equally values resilient economies, livable communities, and healthy environments.  

Core Impacts:

  • Inform and promote place-based natural resource management in Montana's Crown of the Continent ecosystem.
  • Inspire the next generation to value and understand the relationship between landscapes and communities.



IMAGE CREDIT: Faith Bernstein