Northwest Connections is located in Montana's Swan Valley, the heart of the Crown of the Continent, and is situated between the Bob Marshall Wilderness and the Mission Mountains Wilderness, about 100 miles south of Glacier National Park.  

The Swan is a forested valley with thousands of lakes, ponds, wetlands, abundant wildlife and spectacular scenery. The community of Condon, Montana, is integral to Northwest Connections’ education programs, hosting and mentoring students throughout the year.

Historically, the Swan Valley was carved up into a checkerboard pattern of land ownership, a relic of the 1864 federal land grants to railroad companies. Northwest Connections helped lead the effort to transfer those corporate lands into public ownership and and has secured a long term program of restoration and sustainable timber harvest in the valley.

Northwest Connections is located approximately 90 miles north of Missoula and 70 miles south of Kalispell. Our facility is a historic turn-of-the-century homestead.

Northwest Connections welcomes visitors, please call ahead, (406) 754-3185.

Our facility is located just off of Highway 83. At Mile Marker 47 turn west onto Cold Creek Road and drive 3/4 mile. Turn right (north) onto Ed Road and drive a 1/2 mile. Proceed through a gate and merge right. This road dead-ends at the Barn and Cookhouse.


IMAGE CREDITS: Faith Bernstein