Quotes from past Landscape and Livelihood students


"The Field Semester gives you a sense of place and helps you understand just what the term means to people who live here."  


"The semester is eye-opening.  We learned about the interconnection, the inter-relationship and how things work together as a whole.  And how important it is to think of people as part of the landscape, not separate from it."  


"We were brought into the community; we became a part of it."  


"Regarding the Northwest Connections' staff, faculty and volunteers; "it's not just their job, it's their lifestyle.  It's part of their personal commitment, to pass on and to develop conscious minds."  


"The semester took all of the black and white environmental studies concepts that I had previously learned in classrooms and from books and made them real and in color."  


"I chose Landscape and Livelihood because I wanted to get experience in community-based conservation.  I usually just get a straight wilderness or wildlife perspective in college."

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