"There is no better place to live and study place-based conservation of working landscapes than Landscape & Livelihood in Condon, Montana. I just wish all of our Resource Conservation undergraduates could benefit by participating in this outstanding course."

- Stephen F. Siebert, Professor and Program Director
Resource Conservation, College of Forestry & Conservation, University of Montana

"It is a completely life-changing experience that opens your eyes not only to issues in Northwest Montana, but around the country as well... Studying both the environment and local opinions really makes this semester an incredible experience."

- Emily Gamm, Iowa State University

"Landscape & Livelihood takes resource conservation concepts and grounds them literally. I learned more in 2 months in the Swan Valley than in 2 years in classrooms."

- Krista Kaarre, University of Montana

"Being immersed in real world learning situations has been the most amazing, educational and satisfying experience of my life... I learned how to be an active, engaged citizen and community member and to always think critically. This has changed the rest of my life..."

- Will Bennington, University of Vermont

"All in all, my time at Northwest Connections was a fabulous and educational journey into the wilderness, and one which I will never forget."

- Michelle F., Natural History Adventure participant

"After taking Wildlife in the West I realize that there was much about conservation strategies I didn't know. I could name ten different environmental laws, but I didn’t know about all the conservation efforts taking place in communities."

- Kinsey Host, Virginia Tech

"My understanding of wildlife management and conservation is forever changed. I am a better student, scientist and person."

- Andria Dietz, Humbolt State University

"Be prepared to learn more than you ever thought possible. You will leave wondering how you ever lived in a place without exploring the biological and human community... it can enrich all aspects of your present life and wherever you go from here."

- Tyler Douglas Lavenburg, Warren Wilson College

"I learned that communities play a vital role in conservation. In each town we've traveled to, it was clear that a species, whether it was grizzlies, lynx, wolves or salmon, could only recover if the community supported it."

- Sarah Halm, University of Vermont

"On this course I have been introduced to so many collaborative conservation projects. It has shown me that it is possible to get a group of people together and work to come to a solution… It has been really inspiring!"

- Hanna Nielsen, Willamette University

"It's education at its finest, highly knowledgeable instructors leading a well-designed, hands-on course that inspires students to continue their learning of the subject (even) after the course ends."

- Steve Kem, Winter Animal Tracking Workshop participant

"Through this course I have learned how to be more grounded and interact with communities while working toward conservation."

- McKenna Hansel, Iowa State University


IMAGE CREDIT: Top - Steven Gnam