Wildlands Volunteer Corps Photo Gallery

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Inspecting a dry culvert during road reconnaissance work in the Thompson Falls area

An impromptu snowshoe race during snow track surveys

Using a gps to determine location of deer carcass during the Blackfoot-Clearwater Game Range "Carcass Count"

Examining a spotted frog tadpole during the Swan Valley Herp Survey

Spring mud provides the perfect track medium for bears

WVC crews have been most successful finding long-toed salamanders in early spring, soon after ice-out

Shedding layers, during snow track surveys, after a long climb to the old Elbow Lookout site

Gathering in front of the Cookhouse before heading out for snow track surveys

The Herp Crew from 2003 finally made it to Lower Cold Lake in a mid-June snowstorm for a "relaxing" recreational outing.

An impromptu birthday celebration at the 2003 Herp Survey base camp.

Parents get to join in the fun on the final day of most front country WVC projects.

Whitebark pine restoration during the summer of 2003 involved planting seedlings in steep terrain in Jewel Basin.

A prescribed burn at the restoration site thinned out competing subalpine firs so the whitebark seedlings could flourish.

Fine views on the recreational hike during the '03 Whitebark Restoration project.


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