Equipment List

Do not feel as if you need to purchase all of these items just to take our course.  Borrow or rent as much as you can.  We may also be able to loan certain items if you call well in advance.  Please call if you have questions about anything on this list!  (406) 754-3185

Personal gear

___  winter sleeping bag (recommend zero degree bag or better)

___ ground pad  (at least one full length)

___ backpack (min. 5500 cubic inches)

___ day pack (for carrying lunch, journal, water on daily field studies)

___ water bottles -- 2 large mouth plastic bottles

___ eating utensils:  plastic insulated mug, bowl, fork, spoon

___ snowshoes- we will be using these on a daily basis and are required 

            **snowshoes can be rented out by the week at the UM Outdoor Recreation center.  Also, 
           check around Missoula at other sporting goods/outdoor stores like Pipestone and

___ gaiters

___ personal toiletries

___ sunglasses (polarizing are best for seeing tracks)

___ headlamp or flashlight w/extra batteries and extra bulb

___ pocket knife or multi-tool

___ lighter and matches

___ field notebook (hard bound w/blank pages is best)

___ personal first aid supplies (moleskin, pain relievers)

___ towel (for showers)

___ tape measure (6’,10’ or 12’) for measuring tracks

___ ski pole (at least one for keeping balance while snowshoeing in difficult terrain)

___ compass (best if it has an adjustable declination)

___ lunches and snack foods



Note:  Avoid cotton clothing like blue jeans and T-shirts; they get wet and wick heat away from your body in a winter setting. Because of the nature of western Montana's winters, you should expect a range of weather conditions, including sub-zero temperatures and rain. Your clothing must be able to protect you under all circumstances.

___ hat

___ neck gaiter                                      

___ winter mittens or gloves

___ pants (wool or long underwear/shell combination)

___ polypropylene long underwear (tops and bottoms)

___ sweater or fleece pullover

___ polypropylene sock liners - several pair

___ wool socks - several pairs

___ winter parka (insulated and water resistant)

___ rain jacket AND rain pants - these should be able to fit over your winter clothing

___ slippers (for use indoors)

___ insulated winter   boots (you need a Sorel type boot that has a removable felt liner and a rubberized boot shell; they need to look something like the photo below.) The leather uppers must be waterproof; you will need to treat the leather with a sealant prior to arrival. 

Group gear is provided and includes:  four season tents, ground tarps, stoves, breakfasts and dinners, avalanche probes and shovels and first aid kits.

Optional Items

___ binoculars

___ camera/film

___ thermos

___ snow shovel

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