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                   Wildlands Volunteer Corp                                   
Winner of the Forest Service Chief's Youth Volunteer Award - 2000 

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The Wildlands Volunteer Corps (WVC) recruits high-school aged volunteers from Montana to help with NwC's field work in the Swan Valley and surrounding wildlands. Since 1999, over 70 WVC crew members have contributed nearly 500 days in the field on behalf of public lands and natural resources in western Montana.  In the summer of 2003 alone, WVC work efforts amounted to nearly $10,000 worth of volunteer labor for the US Forest Service. The WVC celebrates the following milestones, achieved over the past five years:




        Internships are available for ages 18 and up to anyone who has taken at least one 
        Northwest Connections field course.  Interns help with everything from research projects
        to chopping wood and caretaking the Barn!

Julie on top of the Swan Divide

"This is the best experience I could have hoped for"

-- Julie Fuller, wildlife biology student at The University of Montana.


Resident Trackers

Local residents can join a team of volunteers who document their animal track sightings while out working or recreating.  This data is then mapped by NwC staff and provided to the Forest Service and other land management agencies.  These volunteers are required to take one of our animal tracking clinics.

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