Northwest Connections accomplishes conservation projects that support both human economic activity and environmental stewardship.  

We conduct a number of ecological monitoring projects to inform ongoing land management. We lead and participate in results-oriented collaboration to protect and restore landscapes. And we work on improving public policy.

Our conservation projects form the basis of experience from which we develop our education programs.

Past Accomplishments

Montana Legacy Project

Northwest Connections initiated and catalyzed what became known as The Montana Legacy Project, an effort to protect 310,000 acres of corporate timber lands from development.

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Grizzly Bear DNA Project

Northwest Connections began monitoring grizzlies almost 20 years ago, documenting tracks, sign and using remote cameras.  We were key partners in the Northern Continental Divide Grizzly Bear project, to collect genetic samples across 10 Million acres to estimate the population.

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Whitebark Pine Monitoring

Northwest Connections has worked for two decades to draw attention to dwindling whitebark pine populations in the surrounding mountains.  Our work is used as a baseline for understanding the impacts of climate, insects and disease on this important high elevation habitat.

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IMAGE CREDITS: Top - Faith Bernstein; Swan Valley - Chuck Bartlebaugh;
Bear - Derek Reich/Zooprax Productions; Whitebark pine seedling - Eliza Wiley