Conservation Issues

The overriding conservation issue in the Swan Valley at present is the divestment of Plum Creek "Higher and Better Use" lands.  As lands are converted from working forest lands with public access to private residential developments many aspects of our landscape and our community are threatened.  Wildlife habitats become further fragmented, wildfire becomes more difficult and expensive to suppress, services are expanded which drive up costs and detract from the rural character of the valley, and opportunities for hunting and fishing vanish.

In the interest of keeping community members and interested parties updated, we have put together a map of all known changes.  If you have comments, questions or corrections, please feel free to contact us.

Map indicates checkerboard ownership in Swan Valley


   Status on specific Swan Lands' parcels (PDF)

For an interactive map visit:

Plum Creek Land Divestment Update (PDF)

The Elk Creek Conservation Area
(PDF brochure - 4MB size)
If you wish to obtain a hard copy of this brochure, contact 
Swan Ecosystem Center at 406/754-3137 or

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